As it has been said “ beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder”, This saying has been a constant gospel truth for ages. People believe what they see, even according to advertising psychology pictures has proven to leave the most strike element when they go through any marketing gimmick. This is what Edushutterstock gives credence to!


Edushutterstock welcomes you to devour in the world of the best stock photo collections that have been put up and categories strictly pursue exclusivity. A place where people you could search, purchase or download any image without any sort of fuss. Isn’t that amazing?


Edushutterstock has been the prominent mainstay of stock images to many eminent brands in the industry that we highly boast upon. With a team of highly active and woke photographers and creative researchers, we ensure to not lose even a single strand of the trends and needs of the customers. A team who is always on toes to make every shot a perfection for you, because that single picture can turn the table for the marketing, advertising, or publishing of any respective brand. Relevancy is something that we always long for, delivering something exceptional that won’t be relevant to the customers will certainly go in vain.


The idea behind the venture


Edushutterstock is a flourishing venture of Edit one International led by Mr. Pankaj Jagya (CEO) with a passionate team of more than 100 creative think tanks. With a database of renowned clients and experience of more than 10 years of serving dynamically around the globe, our team has got its grasp on the trends and the needs of the consumer thoroughly.

Being uptight in every aspect is what our team takes good care of, therefore our bandwidth knows no limits when it comes to exhibiting options for the customers. So no matter how contrasting or strange your picture requirements are we have got possibilities for you with an ocean of pictures and videos to explore.


Every single brand seeks faces or pictures that make their potential clients relate themselves to the idea of the product or service they are pitching for. This is where a good picture’s significance walks in. A picture speaks thousands of words in itself, and this is what Edushutterstocks proves with its never-ending collection of exclusive and spell bounding images and videos. Whether you want to search it, purchase it or download it, you have got it all here in the easiest way.  Probably this is your sign to make your project as appealing and professional as our other clients with the pictures that will speak on your behalf.


Our tea has manifested an environment where you can give wings to your imagination by receiving the right source and help from the experts. Whether you want to sell your photographs, purchase images or videos, or receive the ideal pictures for your unique project, we have got you covered in every aspect.


You can certainly say; we have a picture for every mood!