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Kids are singing  Alphabet and Number Song 68 records on flat bread Jha se Jhanda (flag) 1 Anar Patang Kite fhool fal A horse is riding in the forest patang 109 3 boy paly Mary Mary Quite Contrary (2) R-Rose 2 anar pomogranate 34- Akbar asks, Birbal answers 11 T-tomato B Alphabet-A (Apple) anar 3 copy A A i Butterfly comes near the flowers and chirps fhool fal flag pomegranate 7 cot top boy jogging cop stell rod man robbery juli copy apple final apple final Ramayana Cover alice in wonderland 118 Fate (A hebrew foletale) 4+5 copy 138 R (rabbit) copy 53 The Hermit,s wisdom 01 Hindi Rachna    A K copy The gold coin 25 tomato 3 (4) Pomegranate Pomegranate is skating with a boy imli copy 19   jhola 009 copy (2) 23 Hector Protector 009 copy 15 gift apple final (1) thumbelina  walnut story 6 anar b rahil copy jug 4+5 copy 03 118 Fate (A hebrew foletale)