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Boy and Girl praying/playing  early morning A boy polishing his father's shoes A cute girl stand in the boat English Alphabet F for Fish the kid is going to attack in the boat a boy going to pond in rain a boy is taking a picture of a waterfall A child is going to eat ice cream climbing the ladder Rishi Maharaj is performing a yagya outside children are praying out of the house a girl is singing with bird in the morning water leaking out of the tap A boy fly the kite in the park children playing in the shade of the rainbow A boy is decorating  x-mas tree A boy is talking with Quail A boy playing in the garden van is standing on the road A boy want to eat a mango a boy plucking flowers and putting them in the bucket A boy fly the kite in the sunset children are dancing on the balcony a man sailing a ship in the sea a boy standing in a reed garden A girl is going to the zoo parrot is get up early in the morning blacksmith making pots kids are dancing in the park monkey is playing with a boy Brazier is making pots a boy is going on a chariot  A girl coming out of school A girl is going to the market with an umbrella TIT FOR TAT A boy is talking with Zebra in the zoo a snake charmer is playing with a snake children are learning counting in the morning mother came to pick up her child in the morning a boy is climbing on a twig children are praying near by pond A boy is standing in front of the sage with folded hands A boy opened the lid of the cold drink in the air the sage is performing the yajna Frog jumped into the river A boy  is dancing with owl a boy spinning top  in the park a wise man is very wise kids dancing with train  zebra and boy are dancing in the garden Elephant walking in the field with sugarcane in its trunk a girl looking at the lotus flower a boy riding horse in the garden baby loves honey a boy has an umbrella A boy is eating a papaya Mango tree in the garden A boy and an owl have graduated A Fox is standing front of the boy A boy is walking in rain with umbrella A boy and pomegranate are having fun together a boy happy to  see the fish A girl is seeing apple to the garden children are walking shoulder to shoulder the wolf lives in the jungle a boy is playing with a Spinning top a child is lying on a damru Peacock is dancing with a boy landscape children are playing on the street A boy is taking a book to the teacher kite and the boy Children saluting the tricolor in the park Yacht is going to sea a boy is going to school in the bus Children are learning counting in the garden parrot is flying in the sky Pomegranate is skating with a boy a boy jumped into the river snake charmer dancing a boy is swinging in the park Bhagat is doing penance in the forest the wild swan balloon man standing in the park parrot is looking happy kids are running in the park a boy is driving a ship A boy laughing to fish A girl is talking to the  bird A boy is all kind of fruit A boy has many fruits a boy is driving a chariot a boy drinking water from a thermos a boy drinking water from a thermos a boy is watching to sun the wild swan penguin with a boy A boy is eating an  ice-cream Bhagat is doing penance in the forest A boy has come to take a photo of the waterfall A boy is walking with the tricolor in his hand A boy playing with baseball a girl giving to apple his friend a boy standing in a reed garden A boy and an owl have passed Grapes are fallen in the park thumbelina flying high in the sky landscape a boy talking to fish thumbelina and mouse story colour the diagram a boy looking at the black grapes the brave little tailor the brave little tailor the wild swan fish jumped into the water the wild swan A boy is lying on the pellet drum A boy stands with his sage folded