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baking cake for birthday boy A boy polishing his father's shoes A little girl talk to her mother The mouse went to the cat after showing its tail JACK BE NIMBLE A child sleeping in the house mother came to pick up her child early in the morning MY MUMMY A boy helping with her mother ready for school Photo Frame drawing book bitiya rani A child is dancing with a wooden horse Mother has Surprise for kid The iron is placed on the table A rat playing in the house A boy is dancing watching vegetables A boy talking with parrot a boy wants to be Army Officer A girl is  watching beautiful doll A doll is very beautiful A boy is pointing at the cat A girl playing with doll A child is happy to see a wooden horse Vegetables  is keeping  on the table kids laughing with mother A boy and parrot are good friends Mother happy to see her child A boy is dancing with parrot Teacher is helping a boy  A soldier see to her mother Last night the rat roamed inside the house at 12 o'clock Had been A boy Enjoying  Sound System in the home cat looking at mouse An Apple on the table tin soldier MUMMY AND DADDY , I LOVE YOU A girl talking their teacher Teacher teach the students